Laptop Keyboard Not Working? 3 Fastest Way to Fix It

If you are having problems with your keyboard, then throwing the keyboard is not the only solution. Here is the step by step guide to detecting and fixing your keyboard problems. Here are some fixes that can definitely solve your keyboard problems without going into complex steps. Check it out.

Laptop Keyboard Not Working
Laptop Keyboard Not Working

Laptop keyboard is Slowly Responding

Sometimes there may be a slow response from the system to the keyboard. This is a software problem. You don’t need to change the hardware.There must be a system accessibility that is turned on. So you just have to turn it off and you are done with it. Here are the steps to do it. 

  • Search for the settings in the start menu or press the key win + I. 
  • And your settings window will open up.
  • From that settings window, go to the ease of access option. Click on it. 
  • From there, click the keyboard option in the left pane.
  • Then various options will come in front of it. Then scroll down to the filter keys.
  • You must make sure that the Use filter keys option is turned off. If it is on, then you can turn it off by using the toggle option. 

Check For The keyboard System File Errors

keyboard system file errors
keyboard system file errors

To find out about various software errors on the keyboard, you should perform a system scan first, and then find out which is the exact error you are having. Here is how to do a system scan. 

  • Search for the command prompt or CMD in the search bar in the windows start menu. 
  • After that, right click on it. And select the run as administrator option there. 
  • A command prompt will open in front of you. 
  • Use the command “sfc/scannow” in the CMD. 
  • Then hit the enter button. 
  • Wait for the process to be completed. After that, you will get the error if any. Once you get the error name or code, you can search for its solutions on the internet. Here are some common errors and their solutions. 

Reinstall Keyboard Driver

After the scan, if you get an error like you have an error in a driver, then here is the guide on how you can reinstall a driver. Check it out. 

Reinstall Keyboard Driver
Reinstall Keyboard Driver
  1. Search for the device manager in the search bar of the start menu. 
  2. Once you go to the device manager, you will see the list of the various components. 
  3. From there, click on the keyboard. 
  4. You will see some drivers dropped down below the keyboard. 
  5. Select a driver which is having the problem. You can see the affected driver with an exclamation mark in the system scan that we have done above. If you haven’t checked the scan step, then read the system file errors in this article. 
  6. Then select the driver and right click on it. Select the uninstall driver. 
  7. After that, you will have a popup there. Then click on uninstall. You will successfully uninstall the driver. 
  8. After that, restart the system. After that, your problem will be solved. 

Uninstall Unnecessary Keyboards

Sometimes the problem may be due to the previously used external keyboards and the drivers for them. This means you have to uninstall the unnecessary secondary keyboards. Here is how you can do it. 

Uninstall unnecessary keyboards
Uninstall unnecessary keyboards
  • Search for the device manager in the search bar of the start menu. 
  • Once you go to the device manager, you will see the list of the various components. 
  • Go to the view tab and check the show hidden items. 
  • After that, come back to the previous tab again. And click on the keyboard. 
  • You will see some drivers dropped down below the keyboard. 
  • Then uninstall everything named “HID keyboard device” one by one below the keyboard. 
  • This can solve your problems, if any. Then If you want to reinstall the device again, then just plug it in.

Look for the Hardware Problems

If any of the above didn’t solve your problem, then there might be a problem with your hardware. Hardware means there may be a problem with your keyboard. This might be an issue with particular keys, or the motherboard or the circuit problem. You shouldn’t open the laptop’s keyboard or another keyboard at home by just watching some videos. 

You should open it only when you are sure that you can assemble it again. Instead, you have to reach out to your computer service providers or those who can solve it. Just let the experts solve your problem. If there is a major problem with your service provider, then you can calculate the cost. If the cost of the repair is near to the cost of the new keyboard, then just get a new one. So that’s how you solve your hardware problems. 

From this article, you must have got the problem with your keyboard and the solution to it. Hope you find it. Stay tuned for more amazing tech articles. Thank you.