14 Hidden Google Games You Need to Play

Here are the best 14 Hidden Google Games You Need to Play you will not get anywhere else. Check it out now. 

#1. T-Rex

As everyone knows the google chrome, you might aware of this game. You will say is the game hidden? Everyone knows this game then why it is included in this category? But I have answer for this too. The T rex game is very popular, but still, many of the people don’t know it. And it is a hidden game. As you don’t turn of the internet connection and click on it till then you cannot get that it is a game. 

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So, to access the t rex game you have to just turn off your internet connection. Then search something on the google chrome. After that the window will be showing can’t be reached message. Then press the space key from your keyboard and the T rex will be started. 

#2. Google Clouds

This is newly introduced google hidden game. You have to turn on the airplane mode in the android smartphone. Then open the google chrome and search something. A ship with the umbrella will be in front of you. Click on it. Then you will be in the game. The game is similar to flappy bird but here are clouds instead of the polls. Also, you can say this game as the T-Rex in the sky. 

#3. Google Gravity

You can call it hidden feature or hidden game. It is not a game. But the funny feature of the google, and it is hidden. You can access this simply by doing these steps. To access the google gravity you have to go to google.com on the desktop. Then type in the search box “google gravity”. After that click on the I am feeling lucky button. After that you will see the same google search box and the same window. But the main game or trick is that the search box and all the letters will be fall on the ground. Everything will be look like a building is falling. That’s the gravity followed by the google. This is the google gravity you can try.  

#4. Google Basketball

Google basketball is a google doodle game, which you can play easily. Simple game makes you feel enjoying. Access this game you have to type in the google “Google basketball”.  You will be redirected to the google basketball page. After that you have to click on the stat button. Then you can play the game via mouse and spacebar. You can set him an angle and shoot the basketball. 

#5. Are you feeling Lucky?

Most of you know about the goggle assistant. But do you know about the google assistant games, Yes, are you feeling lucky is a google assistant game. You just have to ask google assistant that are you feeling lucky! Then google assistant will give you a trivia, which you have to solve. The music and sound effects are quite interesting. 

#6. Word Jumblr

Yes, this is also a hidden google game. The name suggest that it has some jumbling about the words. It is an google assistant game so you just have to ask the google assistant that let me talk to a word jumblr, then the assistant will give you some letters and you have to make the words out of it. You can play it endlessly. 

#7. Snakes

You have to open the google play games in your android. Then you will see the list of the various games there. From that list you have to select the snake. 

Snake game will open in front of you. You just have to play it now. I think there is no need to tell you about how to play the game.   

Also, you can play this game on the desktop, just search the google snakes’ game online, then you will have your snakes’ game and you can play it via the arrow button. 

#8. Tic Tac Toe

To play this game you don’t need pain and paper, or don’t have to install any game. Instead, you can just search on the google, tic tac toe online and then clicks on the first link. And this will redirect you to the e googles page where the tic tac toe is present. Play this game with the friend or computer. You can actually select the various levels here. 

#9. Pac Man

Pac man is a quite popular game most of us played on that small keypad phone. To access this game, you just have to follow these steps.  

Just open the google play games in your android. Then you will see various games there. From that you can select the Pac man. Pac man game will open in front of you. You just have to play it now. And enjoy your precious time with this interesting hidden google game.  

#10. Quick Draw

Yes, that is not a drawing app, but a hidden game in the google. As we know that google is always experimenting on the technologies. Its recent google assistant have matured due to the artificial intelligence. Same thing is with the quick draw. In the quick draw you have to draw anything in the canvas and google will predict what you are drawing. Isn’t it a great game?  To access this hidden google game you have to search for the quick draw in the google search. And then click on the first link. It’s that simple. Enjoy the quick draw and experiment with the artificial intelligence. 

#11. Picture Puzzle

If you think I am joking, then it’s not true! The google has something for the picture puzzle lovers too. You can just head over to the google assistant, and say “I want to play a picture puzzle”. And your pretty assistant will give you a picture and will test your memory. Also, it will tell you how to play it. You can enjoy that picture puzzle, and get satisfied with it. 

#12. Solitaire

The solitaire is a card game which is popular from the years. Specially the people who were in early versions of the windows, the special chess and the solitaire game was a big thing. Now a days google also didn’t left it at all. You can access the game with the same way as snakes’ game. Enjoy this classic card game right into your android. Why we are including this game in the google? Because google powers it and provides you by default in every android friend. 

#13. Zerg Rush

If you are using desktop then go to google.com. After that type Zerg rush, then click on the I am feeling lucky button. You will be redirected to the game. 

If you are using any other device than desktop then Go to google.com. Then search the Zerg rush. Results will come in front of you. From that choose the first option and you will be redirected to a page which will contain the search results.

Then you will have to just stop the bubbles that are coming from the top. Enjoy the game and save your screen from getting destroyed.

#14. Cricket

Google has cricket too by default, you might don’t know about. You just have to go to google play games on the android and then select the cricket. If you are using desktop then search on the google “Cricket google game online” and click on the first link. That’s it.

So, these was the 14 Hidden Google Games You Need to Play. Hope you liked the article and found it helpful. Stay tuned for such amazing tech articles.