7 Best File Manager App For Android 2021

Today we discuss top 7 file manager app for android user. Most of the people used below list. You can also use them our list of best file manager app.

Overview Of File Manager App For Android

Moving to the better innovations, smartphones are becoming smart. The complex features are converted to simple steps. From the latest to old brands the market is filled with the various smartphones. Some of them smartphones don’t have the file manager apps by default to minimize the user interference. But if you want to access the files in your phone then we are here with the 7 Best Android File Manager Apps for 2021.

List of 7 Best Android File Manager Apps

  1. Files by Google
  2. File Manager – Team Amaze
  3. Total Commander
  4. MK Explorer
  5. Solid Explorer File Manager
  6. Smart File Manager
  7. File Manager +

Let’s have the look on these file managers. Get in the detailed features.

Files by Google

File By Google
File By Google

Files is actually made by google to make the devices free up the memory. But it is all rounder file manager app. In one line we can say that google files is most trusted, light weight, easy to use and multipurpose file manager. If you install google file once you may not require some of the other apps.

Files comes with its basic blue and white interface with google colors in different actions. The home shows you the storage used by your internal memory and the all-SD cards. And below that there are options of junk files, similar files and much more you can free up. There are 3 tabs namely- clean, browse and share. Clean mode is to free up the space, browse mode is for file manager, and share to share files.

It is similar to other file managers and will not let you disappoint. Also, the thing that adds here is it can manage your google drive on the same interface. So, to manage files, google files can be a perfect option.


  • Minimal look and seamless user interface
  • Clean and share ability
  • Manage google drive, all internal memory and SD cards at one platform
  • Wireless transfer
  • Ads free and no in app purchases

File Manager – Team Amaze

Amaze File Manager
Amaze File Manager

Looking similar to default file manager in the smartphone, the file manager by team amaze makes things easy. You can rename, uninstall, move, copy and backup, restore in this file manager. Be rest assure about all the smooth interface and play with various themes. It has in built SMB file sharing feature which allows you to share all the files on the go. So, this is a good option for file manager app if you.


  • Install and uninstall right from file file manager
  • Backup and restore
  • Manage all types of files
  • SMB file sharing
  • Good themes
  • Ads free

Total Commander

Total Commander - File Manager
Total Commander – File Manager

Total commander comes with the interface similar to the amaze file manager. What it adds is the options for developers. It has FTP modules which lets you transfer the files seamlessly. Also has the manage permissions option and disable icons feature. The total commander is totally ad free and doesn’t require in app purchases. So, you can feel free that no annoying ads on your smartphone.


MK Explorer

MK Explorer File manager
MK Explorer File manager

Sounds like MX explorer, right! The interface is colorful and minimal like google files. The app is light weight. Let’s you compress and decompress the files. Also, the specialty is it is available in 15 plus languages, has 9 keyboard shortcuts. User experience is good. And have the in-built music player, gallery window and much more coming in update. The thing that should be noted is it cannot share the files wirelessly and doesn’t support cloud. One can use it for the easy and seamless user experience.


  • 15 plus languages
  • Built in music player and gallery utility
  • Display hidden apps and files
  • 9 keyboard shortcuts
  • Seamless user interface

Solid Explorer File Manager

Solid Explorer File Manager

Solid Explorer File Manager

The stable and innovative file manager app. It comes with the handy features and beautiful look. The user interface is pretty seamless. The cloud can help you to manage everything. Your files are protected with the Strong AES encryption. The app lets you to manage files remotely. It involves in app purchases like premium themes. This is a better option for someone looking to manage everything remotely.


  • Strong AES encryption
  • Manage files remotely
  • Cloud storage
  • In app purchases- Premium themes

Smart File Manager

Smart File Manager
Smart File Manager

Smart file manager is smart we can say. The innovative touch and the organized look make it cherry on the cake. The best thing is that it can categorize your files into the several types. That makes the search easy. Also managing files is easier here. The storage storage organizer lets you to personalize the files. This is better app for the latest smartphones.


  • Personalized interface
  • Categories available
  • Storage organizer
  • Quick and simple access

File Manager +

File Manager Plus
File Manager Plus

File manager + has something plus you are looking for. The look is traditional with simple icons. It has everything a normal file file manager has. You can rename, move, cut etc. everything. It supports managing larger files too. Has cloud support and the remote management. Check this out once if you are looking for the perfect file manager.


  • Easy to handle
  • All types of files supported
  • Cloud support
  • Remote management
  • Storage analysis

So, these were 7 Best Android File Manager Apps for 2021 you should be using. Hope this guide helped you.

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